The Buck Lake Property Owners Association (‘BLPOA’) is comprised of property owners whose property abuts the man-made domestic water source, known as Buck Lake, which provides 80% of the drinking water needs of Magic Lake Estates subdivision. Members of the Association are working closely with the Islands Trust Local Trust Committee, the Capital Regional District, and its local Water and Sewer Local Services Committee which oversees the provision of water and sewer services for the Subdivision. Because members of the BLPOA understand that the people living along the lake play a crucial role in lake stewardship, the Association assumes the responsibility for:

  • Providing members with educational material on water protection, use & conservation.
  • Working with the CRD, the Islands Trust and Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) to create enforceable By-Laws which will protect the watershed.
  • Maintaining a reporting system to keep the official agencies responsible for the water quality and public safety informed of any potential contamination, and to inform the Local Police when the By-Laws are violated.



The following principles will guide the Buck Lake Property Owners’ Association:


All Magic Lake Estates Property Owners have a right to a Healthy Environment, Quality of Life, a Right to Safe Drinking Water and a Safe and Functioning Sewer System.

  1. All discussions will be held in a respectful manner.
  1. Decisions will be made by the association membership present at meetings using majority rule (50% + 1 (one) vote) per property fronting the lake. The quorum will be the number of members present. No proxy votes will be allowed.
  1. The Buck Lake Neighbourhood will be a safe and supportive residential community.
  1. To make sure that the integrity of the Buck Lake water supply and the Buck Lake Watershed is protected and paramount in all decision making.
  1. Decisions and actions will be undertaken within the context of the North Pender Island Official Community Plan.
  1. The chair(s) of the Buck Lake Property Owners Association will formally represent property owners around the lake to other government bodies or agencies such as the Islands Trust, the Capital Regional District, the MLE Water and Sewer Committee, the Magic Lake Estates Property Owners’ Society.


The Buck Lake Property Owners Association will strive to achieve the following:

  1. A strong and effective Buck Lake Property Owners’ Association.
  1. A Healthy and safe Water supply by promoting the established Buck Lake Stewardship Guidelines.
  1. Lobby for a safe and supportive neighbourhood.
  1. Lake front property owners will both respect, and when required, seek effective enforcement of the North Pender Island Local Trust Committee Land Use Bylaw No 103, 1996.
  1. Communication with Property Owners is by electronic means (email etc.) and also by the Buck Lake Property Owners Website. http://www.bucklakependerisland.com/


  1. To maintain and create a formal communication plan and mechanism.
  1. To Maintain a Website for the Buck Lake Property Owners Association.
  1. To establish a meeting schedule for each calendar year.
  1. To prepare and distribute to Buck Lake property owners: reports/updates on the relevant issues/progress, the implementation of the Official Community Plan, and Bylaw changes, as they become available.
  1. To educate all Lakefront Property Owners on how to be Sewer Savvy to prevent blockages of the Sewer System so that the system in not breached. When the sewer is breached the contents can overflow into the lake increasing the possibility of contamination of the water supply.
  1. To circulate to Buck Lake Property Owners reports regarding the lake that may improve the quality of their life around the Lake.
  1. To review, revise and formalize the BLPOA Terms of Reference when required.
  1. To circulate the Buck Lake Environmental Stewardship Guidelines to: all Lakefront Property Owners, to the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society, the Magic Lake Local Water and Sewer Committee, the CRD Directors and to the North Pender Island Local Trustees.
  1. To work with the Pep Neighbourhood Contacts to provide Emergency First Aid Supplies and to maintain the Emergency First Aid Station in the Buck Lake area (Tiller to Masthead corridor). Located at 36137 Galleon Way.