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Buck LakeMembers of the Buck Lake Property Owners Association, in their role as front line stewards of the Buck Lake water reservoir, undertake to do the following in order to protect the lake:

  1. Property Owners shall manage the natural environment on their property abutting and beneath the Lake to maintain the quality of the water and to prevent contamination.
  2. Property Owners shall follow CRD water conservation or protection directives, referring to the Stewardship Guidelines, copies of which will be kept in the residence. New Property Owners will be given copies of the Stewardship Guidelines.
  3. Property Owners must ensure that, in their absence, lake and water protection is maintained and neighbourhood safety will not be impacted – such as keeping docks firmly attached and boats securely tied. Residences must be winterized, and water turned off to ensure no burst pipes and water leakage.
  4. Property Owners may not provide Public Access to the lake
  5. Property Owners who do not have a Resident living on their property may give their Guests, who are occupying the Residence in their absence, access to the lake.

Reviewed 2011, 2012, 2013

This info is also on our Bylaws page

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